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Bed and Breakfast Bali Hotel price

Double or twin Room : 2,350,000 IRR = 55 Euro

Singel Room : 2,000,000 IRR = 50 Euro

Triple Room : 3,250,000 IRR = 80 Euro

 Four person Room : 4,100,000 IRR = 99 Euro

 Group Room : for each person 900,000 IRR = 25 Euro

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تور کویر مصر هتل بالیA beautiful building in the heart of the Desert iran. that was initiated in 1388 of Persian calendar by a man who is born in the desert himself.Yahya Amini . Bali Hotel In khur Desert has 40 rooms each of which includes full equipment and services according to the hosting standards. The rooms of the hotel are divided into two partsThe first part includes normal accommodation as you would find in other hotels with the conventional services, beds etc. The second part however is consisted of traditional rooms in which no desk or chair and so on would be seen but instead a pure traditional arrangement and design provides the users with the desired comfort, while in the meantime creates a completely new experience for them. Instead of the usual bed here the sleeping service includes a cotton mattress and red-velvet blankets with walls made up of traditional plaster of clay and straw, thus