Bali Desert Hotel

Bali hotel is located in the small desert city of Khoor in Biabanak area. As the first and foremost 3-star Iranian hotel particularly devoted to desert experience, desert safaris and tours, Bali hotel was founded in 2009 (1388 in Persian calendar) by Yahya Amini. Conveniently located at close proximity to the tourist attractions and natural spectacles of the central desert of Iran, Bali hotel is indubitably one of the best desert resorts with proper amenities to serve the tourists and nature lovers interested in what desert has to offer. Currently this hotel has 40 rooms ranging from 2 to 6 beds.
The base standard for the hotel serves 150 guests which can be customized to accommodate extra passengers up to 200. The hotel has a total area of 6000 square meters (approximately 65000 ft2) and all rooms include air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and bath. Other amenities include restaurant, Coffeeshop, traditional tearoom and springhouse, Billiard and Foosball saloons, X-box, Wi-fi internet access, cab service, green spaces and fountains. Of the distinguished specialties of the hotel, one may refer to the Family tours and the adventurous desert safaris accompanied by experienced desert tour-guides.

bali tour desert

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